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Edward Thomas Lewis MD, FAPA

Assistant professor of psychiatry, Medical University of South Carolina

Edward Thomas Lewis III, MD, is a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). He completed his medical school and residency training in general psychiatry at MUSC. He then went on to complete an addiction psychiatry fellowship and a forensic psychiatry fellowship. He is triple boarded in adult, addiction, and forensic psychiatry.

In his current role, Dr. Lewis is the attending physician on the addictions inpatient unit at the MUSC Institute of Psychiatry. He also serves as the forensic psychiatry fellowship director. Dr. Lewis has been recognized as an expert witness in forensic psychiatry by the South Carolina court of general sessions. He also conducts forensic evaluations and has provided psychiatric treatment to inmates within the South Carolina Department of Corrections. Dr. Lewis is an expert on addictions-related issues in legal contexts.

Dr. Lewis is involved in organizational psychiatry. He is a South Carolina representative on the American Psychiatric Association Assembly and a national membership committee member. He is the immediate past president of the South Carolina Psychiatric Association.