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Jared R. Ruchensky

Assistant professor of psychology, Sam Houston State University

Jared R. Ruchensky, PhD, is an assistant professor of psychology at Sam Houston State University (SHSU). He completed his PhD in clinical psychology at Texas A&M University and his predoctoral internship at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Ruchensky is currently part of the clinical psychology PhD program at SHSU.

His research focuses on the assessment of personality pathology and other psychological constructs, with a particular emphasis on forensic settings. Key topics in Dr. Ruchensky's work include psychopathic personality disorder (psychopathy), the Alternative Model for Personality Disorders, and the Personality Assessment Inventory. He employs advanced statistical techniques to explore measurement issues in instruments designed for psychological assessment. His ongoing projects tackle subjects such as the interpersonal processes related to the triarchic model of psychopathy, the adaptation of psychopathy measures into Spanish, the use of the Personality Assessment Inventory in practical settings, multi-method assessment of the Alternative Model for Personality Disorders, and the exploration of connections between personality pathology and experiences of discrimination and prejudice. In addition to research, Dr. Ruchensky trains doctoral students in the provision of psychological services, particularly using personality assessment and measurement-based care to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Ruchensky is an active member within Society for Personality Assessment and the American Psychology-Law Society. He currently serves on the Programming Committee and Diversity and Social Justice Committee within the Society for Personality Assessment. He also reviews articles for several personality and forensic-oriented journals.