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Rachel Landsman PsyD

Attending pediatric neuropsychologist, Boston Children's Hospital

Dr. Landsman is a licensed pediatric neuropsychologist with experience in pediatric neuropsychology and pediatric psychology. She specializes in working with deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) children, teens, and families who are affected by a wide variety of medical/neurological, developmental, and psychological concerns. She also has experience working with children, teens, and families who are affected by hematological or oncological diseases. Dr. Landsman primarily provides neuropsychological assessment.

Dr. Landsman is an instructor of psychology at Harvard Medical School. She supervises psychology and neuropsychology fellows. Dr. Landsman’s current research interests include understanding cognitive/psychosocial profiles of DHH individuals, identifying Autism Spectrum Disorder in DHH individuals, understanding cognitive/psychosocial outcomes of Cochlear Implant candidates, and establishing equitable neuropsychological care.