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Holland’s RIASEC Theory and the Self-Directed Search: Providing Effective & Evidence-Based Career Assistance

‐ Oct 12, 2023 3:00pm

When John Holland introduced his theory more than 50 years ago, he sought to examine personal and environmental factors contributing to successful vocational decision-making and work satisfaction over a lifetime. Evidence that Holland achieved his goals can be seen in more than 2,000 publications citing RIASEC theory and its applications. This presentation will focus on the Self-Directed Search (SDS) and related materials/booklets. The webinar will highlight basic SDS interpretive ideas, including congruence and personality, as well as some supplementary or qualifying ideas, such as coherence of aspirations, profile elevation, consistency, differentiation, and commonness to help inform the professional judgment of career practitioners seeking to aid a variety of individuals.

Eligible for 1 CE credit.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the ways in which Holland’s well-researched RIASEC theory can help inform and structure cost-effective and comprehensive career interventions for diverse clientele across varied settings.
  • Describe how the key elements of the Self-Directed Search can assist individuals in improving the self and options knowledge that informs career decisions.
  • Apply the SDS diagnostic constructs to gain a clearer picture of how to effectively intervene to provide clients with the best level of assistance based on their readiness for career interventions.

Qualification Level Required: A

Instructional Level: Introductory

Target Audience: Career counselors, school psychologists, psychologists, counselors, teachers