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The Evidence for Executive Function Assessment and Intervention

‐ Nov 1, 2023 11:30am

Executive functions contribute demonstrably to students’ success in the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral domains, and executive dysfunction contributes to a wide range of clinical conditions. In this presentation, we will discuss a functional framework for understanding executive functions, the contributions of rating scale and performance measures to assessment, and profiles in common clinical populations. We will examine how this data informs development of interventions and review evidence for approaches to interventions.

There will be two 15-minute breaks built into the session.

Eligible for 2.5 CE credit.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the most widely used model of everyday executive function
  • Explain pros and cons of performance and rating scale measures of executive functions
  • Identify specific intervention programs or methods with demonstrated efficacy

Qualification Level Required: B

Instructional Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: Psychologists, school psychologists, mental health counselors, counselors, educational diagnosticians, neuropsychologists