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An Integrative Approach to Personality Assessment Using the PAI and SPECTRA

‐ Nov 9, 2023 12:00pm

Join Mark Blais, PsyD, in an informative webinar presenting strategies for integrating data from the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI; Morey, 1991) and the SPECTRA: Indices of Psychopathology (Blais & Sinclair, 2018). Through this session, participants will gain deeper insights into the interpretation of the PAI, including the recent Alternative Model for Personality Disorder scales, as well as the SPECTRA. Using real-world cases, Dr. Blais will underscore the advantages of employing model-centric viewpoints in enhancing evaluations of personality and psychopathology.

Eligible for 1 CE credit.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the features of the hierarchical–dimensional model of psychopathology
  • Describe the basic empirical and conceptual foundations for the PAI and SPECTRA
  • Demonstrate how to integrate results from the PAI and SPECTRA in personality assessment

Qualification Level Required: C

Instructional Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: Clinical psychologists, psychologists, mental health professionals