603S03 - Ethics in Psychological Teleassessment with Children

‐ Jun 3, 2021 2:15pm

The pandemic has resulted in an increase in teleassessment with school-age children, and this trend is likely to continue. It’s important we maintain the same ethical standards of care in teleassessment as in traditional psychological assessment services. We will discuss ethical considerations that practitioners need to keep in mind while conducting teleassessment sessions. These topics include practitioner training and competence, weighing the client’s need with empirical limitations of current assessments, and steps to ensure the client’s safety and appropriateness for telehealth. We will explore test security and integrity and provide recommendations for documentation. Finally, we will discuss the importance of considering possible mental health impacts of the pandemic on teleassessment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the training and competence required to provide teleassessment.
  • Describe ethical codes that adhere to the provision of teleassessment services.
  • Understand the empirical limitations of current assessments and weigh the risks and benefits in applying them in teleassessment.